Anchor Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version – Review 2021

$ 129.99 Anchor Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version বেন Don’t get me wrong with the standard Liberty 2 Pro or Liberty Air 2 Pro — these are somewhat confusing real wireless earphones, and not just their names. Unlike the same priced models of anchors, they do not offer active noise cancellation and when they are able to play great audio, their default sound surpasses the signature mids to a significant extent. You can adjust the Dial to Admirable Sound Quality via the Companion app’s EQ, but you won’t need it. That’s why we recommend $ 150 JBL Live 300TWS or OnePlus Buds Pro instead, despite the price being a bit higher.

Bulky design, wireless charging case

The Liberty 2 Pro upgraded earpieces are rugged, but because each has dual drivers একটি a Knowles Balanced Armature for the highs and an 11mm dynamic driver for the lows, an impressive setup for this price range. We also like the eartip and earfin options that you get, including seven pairs of tips and three pairs of earfin sleeves of different sizes. The rectangular shape of the earphones and earpieces help ensure one of the more secure fits we’ve ever felt.

One button controls the outer panel at the top of each earpiece. Both ears take care of a single press playback and call management, while for a double press track navigation (left ear avoids backwards and right ear forwards). Holding down the left ear button sends a call to the voice assistant on your mobile device. You can adjust these controls in the app.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro upgraded version case

Given how secure the earpieces fit, their IPX4 water-resistance rating is disappointing. This means that earbuds can withstand light splashes from any direction, so there should be no problem with sweat or light rain. However, you cannot dip or dip the earpieces or wash the bottom of the faucet. And the charging case is not water resistant, so you need to dry the earpieces completely before you dock.

The large charging case has a slide-back lid, as a design looks cool and cool. The exterior has a grip-friendly cover, while a snap-shot cover on the back panel protects the USB-C port (a USB-C-to-USB-A charging comes in its box). Next to this connection is a manual Bluetooth pairing button The case can be charged wirelessly through Qi-enabled pads.

Anker estimates that earbuds can last about 7 hours on batteries, with an additional 19 hours on charging. Your results will vary based on your volume level.

The earphones are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and support the AAC and SBC codecs, as well as high-fidelity LDAC codecs via the Soundcore app (only on Android devices).

Soundcore app settings

The Soundcore app (available for Android and iOS) is Anker’s one-size-fits-all app that serves many of its audio products. For the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro upgrade version, the app enables LDAC playback for Android devices as mentioned above and includes an onscreen button to switch in and out of transparency mode, a section for customizing on-ear controls, and a user-eight compatible band. Customizable EQ. You can also create a sound profile if you want – you can make some changes from EQ to independent audio performance.

As we noted in the next section, you need to dive into the app settings to get the best sound from these earbuds. Still, it’s like downloading the app to get the latest firmware updates.

EQ makes a difference

In default EQ mode, earphones provide a powerful low-frequency response to tracks with intense sub-base content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout”. At the top, at the level of irrational listening, the lower ones are not distorted and at the more moderate level they are still strong.

Bill Callahan’s “Drawer”, a track with a much shallower shaft in the mix, gives us a better idea of ​​the default sound signature. The drums on this track are thundering directly through these drivers. The low-frequency thump is quite powerful, and it also carries the baritone vocals of Callahan. High-middle and high are present, but the mids sound wildly scooped out. The result is a very bright, alloy-heavy mixture with not too much in the middle so that it sticks together. You can use EQ to solve this problem, but by default, earbuds behave as if there is nothing between 400Hz and 1kHz. Boosting midges does not detract from the rich alloy depth, but rather defines it further.

Anchor Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version Lifestyle

Back to default mode in J-Z and Connie West’s “No Church in the Wild”, the Kick Drum Loop gets a lower upper-middle presence than that. The sub-base synth hits that punctuate the beat are absolutely thunderous — bass lovers will enjoy a response like this subwoofer. But again, you need to increase the midrange response through EQ for better balance. Otherwise, the voice loses sbilant sound and mids. In addition to the midrange, the lows also threaten to overwhelm the mix.

The orchestral track, like the opening scene of John Adams Gospel according to another Mary, Has extremely deep low-frequency boosting and low-register instrumentation tube sound. High-register brass, strings, and vocals have an ideal crispness here – naturally they have a strong upper-middle presence. But Midrange still needs a boost.

The four-mic array provides solid comprehension. We can understand every word recorded using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone with little or no Bluetooth audio artifact. The mic signal felt a little weak, however.

Solid earphones, but not a big upgrade

Anchor Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Edition Earphones are capable of great audio with some EQ compatibility, but their sculptural sound signature out of the box doesn’t impress. We like their support for LDAC on Android devices and the included case supports wireless charging, but we are less impressed with the moderate water-resistance rating. Within this price range, we finally recommend the $ 150 JBL Live 300TWS and OnePlus Buds Pro, both of which sound much stronger by default. We also like Ankara’s own $ 130 Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earphones, which offer good sound cancellation for the price.

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