What is Google cloud computing?

What is Google cloud computing?

What is Google cloud computing
What is Google cloud computing

In simple words, we can say that the Google Cloud computing is the platform that offers to access and store data over internet rather than doing it with the personal hard drive.

This platform offers the services such as storage, database, networking and many more. It works to provide fast, innovative and flexible resources to the users. The users have to pay only for the services that they use which also gives them to reduce the operating charges and enhance efficiency to run business infrastructure.

There are many other cloud services providers such as AWS, Microsoft, VMWare, etc. However, lately Google cloud services gathering much more attention and the reasons are valid as well. Now, let’s begin with understanding what is Google cloud computing? And many other things related to it.


Google cloud computing is known to be the delivery of on-demand computing services such as applications, storage and other processing powers through internet with the facility of pay as you go.


What is Google cloud computing and how does it works?


The cloud services avails companies with the infrastructure or data centers, applications, storage and almost anything from the Google cloud computing platform.

One of the benefits of using the Google Cloud computing services that the users get to avoid the the upfront charges and other complexities of owning and the management of IT infrastructure. This way they just have to pay for only the services that they use or when they use.

However, this also helps the cloud computing services providers to get benefits by serving to a wider range of clients with the same services.


What are the services offered by Google cloud computing?


The next section of what is Google cloud computing is it’s services. There are many of the cloud computing services that you can choose from. Such as basic storage service, networking and processing power and standard office application as well. The services that are not bound of any hardware or just any device they can be accessed via cloud services.


History of cloud computing


After we get to know about what is Google cloud computing we are moving on to the history of cloud computing. The term of cloud computing has been introduced in the early 2000s but the services of cloud computing has been there since 1960s,  when the computer bureaus used to allow companies to rent time for mainframe. This way the company owner won’t had to buy their own mainframe.

The time-sharing services became a service choice for everyone which was delivered through the PC. This now made it possible to afford it very easily.

However, the idea of renting access to the computing power gets higher level day by day which we can see in the application service providers, utility computing and grid computing from the year 1990s to early 2000s. This was then followed by cloud computing which then created a need to build software as a service and level up the game of cloud computing such as Amazon web services.


Examples of cloud computing


Cloud computing covers a huge number of services. This also consists of services such as Gmail, Cloud back-up of information stored on your smartphone. There are cloud computing services that allows large scale companies to host all of their data and applications via cloud.

One of the example we have is Netflix which runs on cloud computing services to play the video or video streaming and some other business related systems as well.

Cloud computing is gaining much more exposure presently for many of the apps. There are many of the application vendors who are shifting to offer the services over internet instead of standalone application.

Not only this, but there is much more potential to the cloud computing which can also introduce new charges and new risks as well.


What is Google Cloud Platform?


Next in this section of what is Google cloud computing, we have Google Cloud. It is a suite of cloud computing services which are offered by Google. This platform provides many of the different services such as compute, storage, networking, Big Data and many other services that runs on the same infrastructure as Google for it’s personal users such as Google Search and YouTube.

We have seen that Google server never goes down from many of the years. So when you are into application management, you can choose the Google cloud infrastructure for safe and secure services.


Top Clients of Google Cloud computing


Now that we are very well verse with what is Google Cloud computing we need to take a look at it’s users or clients. Let’s get started.


  1. a) Twitter- A very well known application which enables it’s users to share information easily. There are people who keep tweeting everyday which creates large data. Where do they get stored? They use Google cloud to store and compute services.


  1. b) 20th century Fox – There are many of the data scientists at 20th century Fox and Google cloud who have developed a machine learning software so that the users can analyze the movie trailer and guess if more people are going to see the movie.


  1. c) PayPal- PayPal is in partnership with Google Cloud that increase the security, creates faster network and also serve enhanced services to it’s clients.


  1. d) eBay – eBay uses the Google Cloud for innovative image searching options, iproved user experience in China and train translation models as well.

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